Whether you’re hoping to tie the knot soon or are just browsing for inspiration, being aware of current trends for engagement rings can help you define your style. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that you’re going to wear for the rest of your life, so you’re not only looking for something that will last but also something that you’ll love to wear.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the popular engagement ring trends for the fall of 2022!

Two-Stone Rings

Double stone engagement rings have shot upwards in popularity recently. This is partially due to the restlessness that the past two years have engendered in people: after delaying engagement and wedding plans due to the pandemic, couples are antsy to have a wedding and accessories that are overstated and flashy. Two-stone rings are not only eye-catching, but they also help to symbolize the true partnership of engagement—two people joining together. A two-stone ring sends a statement to your partner and to the world that you’re an unbreakable duo!

Colored Gemstone Rings

While gemstone rings are definitely not new, they’ve been gaining popularity over the last year and are truly having their moment in the spotlight this fall! While diamonds are beautiful and timeless, emerald, ruby, and sapphire rings add a bold statement to any look. Colorful rings are becoming increasingly popular with modern couples who eschew traditional notions of engagement and marriage while still wanting to signify devotion to one another. A colorful ring can set you apart and will act as an effortless statement piece you can wear for decades to come.

Gender-Neutral Rings

While engagement rings are traditionally worn by brides only, 2022 is seeing a rise in the purchase of gender-neutral rings. After all, if marriage is accessible to all couples, shouldn’t rings be as well? No matter your identity, an engagement ring is a great way to symbolize your commitment to and love for your partner. Don’t like the look of a dainty, flashy ring on your finger? Consider a thick-band or stackable ring instead! 

Elongated Shapes 

Also enjoying a resurgence in popularity this fall—elongated shapes in rings! From classic oval shapes to emerald cuts, an elongated ring is sure to stand out on your hand. Some rings even feature elongated shapes on the east-west plane, adding another unique dimension to a classic symbol of devotion.

Solitaire Rings

While some trends stay for a while and then disappear into memory, other classics remain steadfast. One of those is the solitaire ring. Featuring a single diamond (or gemstone of your choice) on an unassuming band, solitaire rings lend an easy grace to the hand they adorn. Not only are solitaire rings often less costly compared to channel-inset or multi-stone rings, but they also exude class and elegance with their understated charm.

By now, you should have a basic knowledge of what’s trending this fall in the engagement ring market. From two-stone rings to solitaire gems, it’s hard to go wrong when picking out a ring you love. When you’re ready to take the plunge, or if you want more information on all of the options available, check out Infinger’s Jewelry! With many options to choose from and helpful, experienced staff, we can ensure smooth sailing for your selection experience. Get in touch with us today to start picking out the ring of your dreams!